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how to analyse problems in a relationship


Analysing is a very important not only in case of analyzing problems in the relationship.

But also in all the other expects of life to determine your status you are going in a positive way or not.


Yes! we need a checklist but in this case, I will recommend you to keep things simple.

I believe this thing in an old school way, yes! Take a copy and pen and literally writing everything that comes to your mind.

This will help you to get a better vision of your problems, you need to know and see things before working on its solution right?.

Follow this simple Steps to solve all problems in the relationship.

Write everything

write everything about the problem, spend some time thinking about the problem and question yourself “why this is happening to me”.

Question and answer as much as you can this will help you understand your problems more efficiently and if you understand your problem.

It will also be easier for you to explain it to your partner, saying and shouting won’t help you in showing your partner’s mistake to have literally show them.

Prioritize your problems

Yes! you can’t solve all the problems at one time.

You have to prioritize them and solve them one by one.Problems which are continuously creating conflicts in your relationship should be solved first.

pick up one and kill it

you have to target the most severe one, the problem that should be solved asap to avoid further misunderstanding.

don’t move on to another one until the first one is solved till its roots.

check up again

crosscheck your solution,.if your problem is still coming again.

You need to find a better solution!.

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