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How to avoid fights in a relationship

avoid fights in relationship

Want to avoid fights in a relationship? it’s very easy if you know the art of avoiding a fight in a relationship.

It is one the most important thing every couple should learn, it will help them forever.
In this art of avoiding a fight, we are focusing how we can prevent fight to even occur as a wise man say “precautions is better than cure”.

so our main focus should be to avoid fights in a relationship because some minor fights which are not solved on time can grow and create big problems in future that may result in break the relationship.

keep your ego aside and don’t shout

don't shout on your partner
Do you think shouting at your partner for their mistake will solve the problem.”ooh he/she made mistake this time I will teach him/her a lesson” if you think in a similar way sorry you need to change this mentality you are wrong it may solve your problem for that time but its, not a solution it will create bigger problems in future.try to claim yourself go for a walk and talk with your partner quietly

Message and calls won’t help

messages won't help

if you think by writing a long message or call will solve the problem you are highly mistaken it.I highly recommend you to meet, go for walk and discuss your problems claimly keeps things face-to-face, check out Guide for long distance couple.

Discover the root cause

discover root cause

two people, who are in a relationship and love each other are about to fight for “something” right? you are going to fight for something that something is your root cause you need to find out and solve it ASAP.you need learn how to analyse problems in a relationship.

Take responsibility equally

take responsibility equally

The Golden work which can make your relationship healthy and happy is dividing responsibility equally, It is a very important key factor for the couple.If your partner is always available for you no matter what and your partner is ready to take responsibility it will highly affect and increase your love and trust.

Learn to think as a couple, not an individual it will drastically improve your relationship and make it unbreakable.

don’t bring up past

don't bring up past

if your partner made a mistake in past, its already done no one can change.Don’t let your partner’s past relationship affects your current relationship, it’s a very foolish move and only results in misunderstanding.We should learn from the mistake and don’t ever repeat them again.People make mistakes its true but try to cover your mistake with your partner is not right.This will cause more problems in future

one problem at a time

One Step at a time policy is successful in any field of life.

If you concentrate on one problem at a time you can find a solution easily and efficiently rather than focusing on multiple problems at a time.

Follow My Problem Analysis for solving all the problems in Relationship Guide to figure out all the problems and solve them one by one

Come up with a solution

So you found a solution to your problems and you are mutually agreed on that solution.

Are you sure that it is the right solution?.You need to question yourself that this solution is really worth it and guarantee that this issue will never cause a problem in future.

If not then you need to start from the beginning.Allways remember “temporary fixes won’t fix lifetime problems”. You need to find a permanent solution.

After following all the steps if you still can’t find the solution feel free to ask on our community forum.

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