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drawbacks of fiverr

Fiverr is really a great platform for freelancing and have the widest varieties of jobs you can think of.
there are a lot more clients and job opportunities as compared to other freelancing websites but there are still many drawbacks of Fiverr.

The best part About Fiverr is you don’t need to bid on projects like Freelancer.com and Upwork.In Fiverr, the client comes to you and buy your gigs all you need to do is create attractive gigs.

Drawbacks of Fiverr

Dead line

the rules are pretty strict in Fiverr if your client buys your gigs at moment the clocks starts and you need to complete before it ends.if you are failed to complete on time your client has a right to cancel the project and ask for a refund and you can’t do anything about it.

Unexpected Projects

The client can place an order without asking to you. Everyone loves to get project but in case of Fiverr its quite opposite people will come and place project without asking to you and the timer starts you have to complete their project on time or it will affect your profile.

There is no option to stop peoples to order without asking to you


your rivals working in the same field will try to decrease your rating by buying your cheapest gigs and don’t accept even its done, this lead to waste of your time and decrease your rating.

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