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Why Fiverr is the king of freelancing websites


Fiverr is one the biggest and very famous freelancing platform with a unique way to bidding project.Fiverr has the widest range of services, trust me you can provide any services you even think of, for example, there is a gig “I will cruse your enemy for $5”.

The best part of Fiverr is you don’t even need to bid on the project.You only need to create your gigs.

Gigs are the service’s you will provide for the clients.If you can create gigs perfectly you will get a lot of projects. creating a gig takes a lot of time but trust me its worth it.

Tips to get a lot of projects on feverr.

Fiverr is a bit different from other platforms it has many pros and corns.

I listed some of them in my post drawback on working with Fiverr.

Some of the pros are:

  • You don’t need to bid on projects you only need to create gigs and clients will come and talk to you.
  • The client has to pay in advance and its stored in your account when you submit work your payment will be released.as the payment is done in advance it increases the probability of success payment.
  • Every 2 months profile evaluation if you work sincerely and you qualify level up criteria your profile will get level up and it will increase your project getting the probability.
  • No matter what you do you can sell(provide services) of anything.feverr can help you sell anything you can imagine

For the cons check out my blog disadvantages of working with Fiverr.

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