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Freelance Guide To Boost Your Freelance Career

Freelancing career is a great option for you if you want to work remotely and want to be your own boss.Day by day people is starting to move towards this career option but with the help of this guide to boost your freelancing career, you can overcome them easily.check out why freelancing in 2018 is the best time to start your freelancing career

With increasing in numbers of new Freelancers the competition is increasing day by day.and because of this, it became hard to shine and get projects.

If you are starting your freelancing career now and you want to make freelancing as your “permanent career”.

You should focus on developing your profile and shouldn’t focus on earning money in the beginning phase.

Important steps you should focus on – Guide to boost your freelancing career

Choose your freelancing domain.

Choose a particular domain which suits you best and you have experience, for example, WordPress development and only work in that domain for some time.focusing on multiple domains may reduce the quality of your work.

Train in your domain

When you choose a domain work and learn everything about it for example if your domain is WordPress learn everything about it like theme customization or plugin development.

Choose freelancing platform that suits you

There are many freelancing platforms like Upwork,Freelancer.com and Fiverr etc. choosing any 2-3 platform and only focus on them.

Bid on small projects.

For starters, I highly recommend you to bid on small in low costing this will increase your chances of getting projects easily.

Always provide quality work.

Quality work is everything.you never know how many projects that clients have if you provide low quality work no one will hire you again.

Only accept money on freelancing platform and request your client to give you a great review.

Don’t focus on saving interest money.it is best and safe way to get money via freelancing platform and it enables to take reviews

Tip you can ask your client a favor for breaking big project Into small one to get multiple reviews.

Don’t be greedy bid on a project you can make.

Only accept those projects you can make don’t think you will outsource them to earn money.

Learn to say “No”.

Don’t be greedy if your hands are full with other projects ask your client to wait.

Do not outsource your projects.

Don’t outsource your projects, they may are unskilled and make low quality work that will spoil your profile

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