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Why a freelancer should never outsource their projects

freelance mistake

When you are outsourcing freelance projects to another Freelancer.You are trusting him to work on behalf of you, trusting a stranger you don’t know can be dangerous to your freelance career.

You are putting your career in others hand his/her poor work may lead to losing your permanent clients.

I worked with many Freelancer and even outsourced my project and the result was always same “failure” or poor quality work.

The reason is quite simple, we try to hire Freelancer who works at the lowest rate so that we can earn maximum project, Means we are trusting a complete NOOBIE to make our project.

This leads to poor quality work, Sometimes I have to teach my Freelancer to how to do that task and even pay him for that and this only leads to time waste and stress.

After experiencing everything now I believe in doing stress-free project check out how to do stress-free projects.

Main Risks in outsourcing freelance projects.

Greedy Freelancers

Sometimes they know that you are hiring them for your clients if your client makes any changes and when you tell them to make changes in most of the cases they will ask for money even for doing the small changes it is very difficult and stressful to manage these things when you are outsourcing freelance projects.

Work Quality

the most important thing in freelancing is quality of work. you should always put your best in every project because you never know how many projects that client can give you.

and when you hire others they try to complete the task as soon as possible even it will result in very poor quality work.

For example, I hired a freelancer for my WordPress projects, without thinking about anything he downloads a premium cracked theme and start working on it, that’s a very wrong way it may result in the hacking of my client’s website and when he knows that I Used cracked premium theme he won’t hire me again.

In my personal experience, I got a bonus and long-term relationship with many clients just because of my work quality.

Skip your project

Everyone in freelance field is greedy,they try to earn money or take projects as many as possible,when you give your project to freelance he may gets other in his profile and we know our profile is everything so he will focus on his project and may skip working on your project and when the deadline comes he has nothing to give you, because of it, you will lose your project and clients and it will also affect your profile.

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