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myths about freelancing career

Freelancing career is pretty common in developed countries and proved to be the efficient way of earning money.But in Developing countries have freelancing career myths, which bounds them to work for the big company even when they are not happy and stressed.

freelancing career myths

Freelancing is not permanent

One of biggest myth about freelancing career is that people think it’s not a permanent career and not safe in terms of future, they are wrong freelance career is even safer than classic style company’s career did you ever seen the firing rate of company in many companies they can fire you anytime and you can’t do anything about it.

Society Issue

In developing countries, people have a bit narrow mindset all care about money and company names.Even if you are working hard and have an awesome lifestyle and earning decent money they will always see you as useless

Career opportunities

People say you can have great career opportunities with big companies and they think there is no future in freelance, they are wrong there are great career opportunities even higher than big companies if you are lucky and have great skills any time any client will ask you to come there(Abroad opportunities).

Stressing career

Yes!Freelance is a bit stressful career only if you are not focused or serious about it as a career.Trust me you can have a great stress free career if you do things in a right way.Check out Great freelancing career without stress

No Monthly Income

You can get a monthly job easily if you have great skills.Monthly income is not a big issue when you can earn hourly.getting paid for every second you work inst awesome.

Trust me full-time freelancing is awesome and even better than regular company job.while you work as a freelancer there are limitless possibilities you can earn limitless money and work on your relevant hours.

you have reliability to work from home and according to your time.you can easily earn 20-40k being a full-time Freelancer.

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